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Milf Dragon by brokencreation
Mature content
Milf Dragon :iconbrokencreation:brokencreation 168 14
Nothing But Regality - Shonuff44 by Strangerataru
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Nothing But Regality - Shonuff44 :iconstrangerataru:Strangerataru 25 1
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Rise of the Mega Horse Part 4 END
     All three flashlights whirled to shine on her face. That must have looked so cool to see a mare standing up to a full ten foot height and placing hands on her hips. If only she had a video camera to capture the view.
     The thugs had ski masks hiding their faces, but she could easily smell their immediate fear. One was carrying a large sledgehammer in his spar hand, while another had the crowbar used to break the door.
     "You won't be hurting Hazel, John, or anyone for that matter." Hazel snorted before flexing to make her muscles puff up. "Not while I'm breathing!"
     The thugs took turns staring up at Hazel and each other.
     "Who the...WHAT the hell are YOU!?" the one carrying the crowbar choked out.
     "No one special really," she gave a cocky grin and wink. Hazel made one step toward them, making sure to put a lot of force into it so it caused another smal
:icondesmondfallout:Desmondfallout 26 8
Rise of the Mega Horse Part 2
     Hazel had become many things, but 'all right' was not one of them. This was certainly not a good place or time to show off fates new gifts. She raced in little circles around the room debating heatedly between trying to hide under her straw bed or taking her chances diving out the window. The mares muscles were tensing in desperating to make something happen. She found herself actually wishing to go back to her scrawny normal body again.
     Suddenly something gave inside Hazel. Gravity reasserted it's hold by yanking her forward with a startled yelp. Eyes snapped close as hands managed to catch her landing just a John came up to her gate.
     "Hazel!? What the...oh my gosh! How could this have happened!?"
     Hazel let out a pathetic whimper not daring to open her eyes. This was the part where he ran away screaming from the freakish horse monster. Good bye
:icondesmondfallout:Desmondfallout 25 3
Rise of the Mega Horse Part 3
     A bell rang the signal for gates to fly open. The crowd erupted into a wave of cheers with all eyes watching horses lurch out of their pens in a frantic dash. Their stampede of thundering hooves kicked up a dust cloud in their wake. Over all the noise came an announcer.
     "And coming out of the pen it looks like Beauty leading the pack followed by Pinecone. Sugarplum and Twizzler are neck and neck for third and...oh my, looks like number five, Cinna-bun, is sprinting out in an attempt for an early lead. That's some unusual enthusiasm for her."
     Hazel was certainly not last as she bobbed with each gallop, but she was not getting anywhere. Turning the first corner she finally mustered the resolve to forget anxiety and pushed with all the force her muscular legs could hold. Everything else was drowned out to her; the crowds, the annoying speaker voice, and especially the angry shouts of jock
:icondesmondfallout:Desmondfallout 22 5
Rise of the Mega Horse Part 1
Rise of the Mega Horse
Desmond Fallout
This day was going to be perfect. The kind of day of which she had dreamed since she was small. Months of hard, limb-aching, work were going to bear fruit into a bright future. Soon there would be a day in which she had it all.
And then she crossed the finish line.
"Two minutes fifty-eight seconds."
Hazel would have responded with a string of unladylike curses, were she capable of speaking and not a horse. Fortunately, she had a perfectly good jockey to voice displeasure for both of them. Several nearby heads turned to watch the show of a short red haired man hope off his pony sputtering things even other horses found offensive. The poor high school kid that had timed their run looked ready to flee at the first signs of assault.
"How the hell is that even possible!?" The man that had been riding Hazel settled for throwing his helmet at the ground. Earth was one of the less pricey things to damage in a fit of rage. "That's almost twenty seconds
:icondesmondfallout:Desmondfallout 39 3
Water and Music by UsaRitsu Water and Music :iconusaritsu:UsaRitsu 85 3 Fully En Pointe by UsaRitsu Fully En Pointe :iconusaritsu:UsaRitsu 107 35 Ashley Dolled Up by SoraWolf7 Ashley Dolled Up :iconsorawolf7:SoraWolf7 76 33 [DLC] Equestrian Swords by Blackbelt2297 [DLC] Equestrian Swords :iconblackbelt2297:Blackbelt2297 105 43 80s/60s -ish Kitty by Keychi-Fim 80s/60s -ish Kitty :iconkeychi-fim:Keychi-Fim 14 2



Regret Nothing! Tighten up!
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